I’ve been asked quite often how I do my lighting and especially how to make things glow. So I thought I’d show you the whole process in a video!

Glow Tutorial on youtube

Learn how to

  • put light and shadow according to multiple light sources,
  • change the colour of fire,
  • add a ball of fire to someone’s hand
  • make it glow!

With added bits and pieces about workflow, retouching, hair, cropping and depth of field. This is a tutorial that will walk you through 1.5 hours of creating my artwork “Silver” – plus ~ 30 mins recap of how I finished the piece off-camera (since my computer slowed to a crawl with the amount of layers in the psd plus the screen recording).

Yes, I know it is long. I wanted to try something a bit different to see if you like it – and if I like it. So far, I think this is going to be sth. I could do again, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

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