If you are willing to give as well as receive, I’d love to talk about collaborating on a project together!

This especially goes out to local* models who are willing to let me practice my photography skills on them in return for seeing themselves in a manip 😉

If you are a photomanipulator let me caution you a little: it’s been I think literally ages since I’ve done a collab. I stopped because of time constraints and transfering large PSD files used to be such a pain. Time is still a bit of an issue, but if you are willing to put up with that and you’ve got an interesting idea, by all means, do contact me!

If you are a photographer in the Karlsruhe region and would like to go shoot together (landscapes, people, whatever), please contact me! If you would like to get some personalized Photoshop tips along the way, it would be great if you could teach me something in return.

If you are a model in the greater Karlsruhe area with an idea for a shoot and (maybe) an idea for a manip, then we can agree on a place and setup (incl. costume if needed) to shoot the images. We will then do the whole thing as TFP (time for photos). It is beneficial if you can do your own make-up since I am simply no use at that.

A project in this context means that it should be something more / other than you sending me a picture and me doing the manip or edit. Because frankly, there is a lot of stock out there that I can use that comes with no requests attached as to how I should use / edit the image. This type of collab is not only uninteresting, but also feels like work. So in order to make it worthwhile for both parties, there should be something else involved.

Of course you can write to me in German, too.

*I live in Karlsruhe, see map on the right, and am willing to drive for an hour or so for any meet in person.

My Location: Karlsruhe, Germany