Actions & Presets are a great way to save time processing your images and get quick results editing. Both can also be a great resource to learn about new things since you can take them apart and take a look at how the result was achieved.


let you replay a set of previously recorded steps over and over while leaving you room to adjust parameters as you go at defined steps (for example the radius of a Gaussian Blur). I find this to be super useful when resizing and sharpening images for different social media applications, when doing frequency separation for retouches and for adding the kuschelirmel-stock branding to my stock images. It can also be used to easily create templates.

Actions are used in Photoshop and you can find a more in depth explanation of how to install and use them here.


on the other hand save all changes made to an image for easy reuse. That can include basic changes such as white balance, highlights, shadows, etc just as well as more complicated adjustments using the HSL (hue saturation luminance) sliders or even spot removal, vignettes, additional local adjustments etc.

Presets are used in Lightroom and Camera RAW and you can find an explanation of how to install & use them here.

My Latest Actions & Presets

Save your workspace settings in PS

If you are using Photoshop you will have noticed that this program can be used by many different artists for many different types of art – from photo editing to design work, from 2D to 3D, even animating images is possible to a degree. No wonder that the whole workspace can feel super overwhelming. In […]

Free Action Template - Instagram 3x3 Grid

It’s that time of year again when you search for your instagram top nine to share – and while the algorithm to pick out said best nine is not something I could do myself ( I used as smart phone app), I was not happy about the giant watermark they put all over the […]

Free Stock & Preset: Pastel Spring

Spring has sprung and it is time for some new stock and a batch of pastel spring Lightroom & CameraRAW presets <3 Pastel Spring Stock Pastel Spring 01 5 jpg images >> download on deviantart Pastel Spring 02 5 jpg images >> download on deviantart Pastel Spring Presets

Free Stock & Preset: Fall Colours

In fall / autumn, all the colours pop so beautifully, making the forest one of the most interesting places to be. And if the colours are not quite orange enough yet, you can always help it along with my Fall Colours Preset. Fall Colours Stock Images Fall Colours Pack I 7 JPG images >> download […]