The Rules – Short Version (more explanation below)

Stock images, textures, brushes, premades & cut-out stock

…give credit (with a link back here)
…show me what you’ve created (via note or comment)

…redistribute my stock/brushes as it is (no repacks either!) – link people here instead — my stock is not to be redistributed as part of tutorials packages!!!
…create stock from my stock (incl. brushes, premade backgrounds)
…upload your manips of my stock to the photography section – you did not take the picture, I did!

…use my stock for commercial use, incl. prints, book/cd covers, commissions etc – but excluding stock premades for sale!…

as long as you
…do more than minor adjustments (change colors, use filters, remove phone lines) – i.e. if it’s your art you’re selling, I’m perfectly fine – if you’re trying to sell my photos, I’m not.

…use my stock to practice retouching/overpainting (i.e. minor adjustments, not full manips) as long as you do not create the impression you took the photo (this includes uploading retouches to the Photography caterory of a website for example)! You are not allowed to sell retouches!
…use my stock for reference in traditional art.
…use my stock to illustrate webzines/news articles
…create website layouts or dA journal layouts
…use my stock in all kinds of personal projects
…use my stock off dA (incl. ponybox, forums, etc)

No need to ask!
just keep with the rules above especially concerning commercial use and all’s good!


My tutorials are all (c) Jasmin Junger ( – I provide them for free because I believe in giving back to the community the help that I got when I started out. But that does not mean I want them redistributed and reprinted/copied all over the place. It takes lots of time to make them, so let me at least have the possibility to see all reactions first hand!

  • You are not allowed to repost my tutorials elsewhere, neither in part nor in full! I wrote them and I spend a heck of a lot of time on each, my only reward being the comments left on them. If they get reposted in forums or wherever, I get zero feedback. If you want to show others one of my tutorials, link them to the tutorial in question or to the main website – maybe they’ll find something else worthy of their attention?!
  • I do not allow translations of my tutorials for two reasons: frst, I cannot do a quality check if I don’t understand the language and second because then the tutorial will be posted elsewhere and I do no longer receive the feedback that I admittedly crave. I’m afraid, I do not have the time to translate them myself (to German, my mother tongue, for example) either. But of course you can leave me comments in German, too, that I will answer as well as I can given that I know most terms only in English. I also speak some French, Italian and Spanish – though the key here is “some”! Feel free to comment in any of those languages, too and I will try my best. At the worst, you will receive an English answer 😉

My art

is off limits! You CANNOT use anything on this website that is not marked as free for you to use (designated as “stock”, “resources”, “free download”) in your art. Please respect that there are things I do not want to share.

Thank you!

Long Version (with examples)

Stock & Brush Use In General

You always need to:

  • Credit me & link back to this website. If you enjoy my stock and brushes, please make it easy for others to find my stock and resources so they can use it, too – please don’t create the impression you did everything by yourself…
    If you use my stock on facebook / deviantart / instagram, feel free to credit my accounts there instead of the website (accounts listed here).
  • Please show me what you’ve done! You can comment on (any) blog entry (but preferably the one that has the stock or resources you used in it) or you can reach me via the contact form.
    You can also reach me on deviantart, facebook and instagram (accounts listed here).

You are NEVER allowed to:

  • Redistribute my stock, brushes or any other resources in any way – no matter how: alone or in packs, via Rapid-Share, Photobucket, µTorrent or simply by e-mail. As “stock” or wallpapers or in any other way. Link people to this website or any of my social media accounts if you want to share!!!
  • Create & share “stock from stock” (aka. premade backgrounds), brushes made using my stock, so-called tubes (cut out stock in png format) created using my stock, scrap-booking kits, etc. – even if they are offered for free! Reason: while you may give proper credit and tell your audience to credit me, too, people rarely do that and I end up with effectively no credits and on top of that no links will come to my inbox so I cannnot see how my stock is used.
  • Use my images without substantial alterations commercially – see extra rule about Commercial Use & Contest Submissions. 

Commercial Use & Contest Submissions Extra Rules

i.e. art to be sold or licensed (on prints, mugs, t-shirts, cd covers, book covers, advertising for companies that will earn money with their products, flyers for events that require an entrance fee etc) or that you are being paid to create (commissioned work, examples include book/cd covers, flyers, advertising) – with the payment being in the form of real life money, dA points or any other form of online-community-credits that are worth actual real life money – or for the submission in contests of any kind. This excludes the sale/production of resources with my stock – this is always prohibited!

  • I need to see some substantial alteration or that my image is not the focus of your work if you want to make money with something that uses my stock.

You are not allowed to sell stock made from my stock images (you are not even allowed to do that for free)!


  • YOU CAN: use a texture to enhance your own photograph, use a brush to enhance your drawings, use a texture or stock image in the background of your drawing as long as the focus is (obviously) your drawing
  • But YOU CAN’T just use a stock image of mine and enhance that with a filter or texture (= minor edit) and try to sell it or slap smily faces on my tomato stock (just an example) and then call it yours (goes for all kinds of “fun doodles”);
  • Putting images in diptychs/triptychs is NOT a substantial alteration, neither is adding text/a border etc or running any filters over it (even if you can barely recognize the image afterwards – that includes that fractalicious plug-in!) or simply changing colours or doing some retouching like removing phone-lines etc.
  • IN PRINCIPLE: use more than one image and create something new — sell your art, not my stock ;)

More examples of what you can do with my stock:

  • If you’re not a manipulator but a painter (traditional or digital) or pixel artist or anyone who just wants some reference, go right ahead! I love to see what you make!
  • You are allowed to use my stock on and off dA (incl. ponybox, flickr, rpg games, other forums of any kind) as long as my rules are followed.
  • You can use my stock in educational projects (school, uni, college,..), promotional work for charity or artwork for charity auctions/fundraisers, favours for friends or family, birthday cards, family photo albums (scrap booking on a personal level), your own website/twitter/myspace/etc layout, dA Journal CSS for yourself/friends/installable CSS for everyone to use
  • As long as you don’t make money with it, you can go nuts retouching my images, playing with filters or whatever. Just DON’T upload that as photography because you didn’t take the photo. It should go in Digital Art > Miscellaneous or if it’s really rudimentary in your scraps. Again: as long as my rules are followed I may think “how unoriginal”, but I will not tell you that it’s crap and I will not want it removed – everybody starts somewhere and everyone should have the opportunity to practice. Unless you put it in photography (or othewise create the illusion you took the photo). Then I’ll ask you to relocate it once and only if that is not followed I’ll have dA or *insertwebsitehere* staff remove the image.

Sharing my Stock & Resources

Lastly, if you want others to find my stock, link them to my website or any of my social media accounts. Same goes for if you want to include my stock on your blog or twitter it or share it via facebook or wherever. I’m completely cool with that (I even appreciate it) as long as you point people towards this page, where they can also see my other stuff and where they can find my rules.

Don’t reupload my content – link people to this little corner of the web!

Anything Out of the Ordinary:

If you want to obtain the right to do anything that my Terms of Use prohibit or do not mention, please contact me via the contact form.

Please note that currently, I do not license or sell my photos – read more here.


If you have read all of this and are still unsure, feel free to contact me via the contact form.

But please for the love of my sanity, don’t ask just to be asking because you feel it’s polite. It is perfectly fine t use my stock ad resources for anything mentioned above. The big thing is always, if you are creating art from my stock and resources, go ahead! If you are trying to pass off something I did as your achievement or even sell it, I’m definitely not happy.

Also, I would rather spend my time answering questions and comments that I haven’t answered yet and/or creating new tutorials, than repeating myself over and over.