Aside from sharing what I know via tutorials, I also like to share some resources, because, again, it was what I was relying on when I started and I want to pay it back.

You can find the complete blog post collection below, but if you’d like to dive into some specifics, you can find a list on the right.

Please also make sure you read and comply with my Terms of Use before you download my Stock and Resources – my rules are not very strict, but there are some things I do insist on (like being credited and getting to see the final image).

  • Stock Images – photographs of landscapes, architecture or objects that can be used in photomanipulations; sometime the stock will be pre-cut and sometimes I share premade backgrounds, which are essentially multiple images combined into one background, like “half a manip” for you to use.
  • Textures – photographs of surfaces or things like bokeh, fireworks etc, that can serve as overlays, sometimes edited or layered in Photoshop.
  • Actions & Presets – these are special items (explained in more detail at the link) that go with Photoshop and Camera Raw or Lightroom.