Video Walkthroughs & Tutorials

A walkthrough of how I edited this rose image to be so colourful and some useful tips for choosing images / taking images along … More Rainbow Rose Walkthrough »

Finally I got around to recording and editing a new video. It’s a walkthrough of my artwork Gone, which in real time took around … More Gone – Photomanipulation Walkthrough »

Poison is an image that largely lives off of its mood and atmosphere, using colours and light to give it a painterly look. I … More Poison – Video Tutorial – That Painted Look »

Finally time and my muse were both in agreement to let me create a new manip. A tutorial for a technique used on this … More The Meadow – work in progress & tutorial »

I’ve been asked quite often how I do my lighting and especially how to make things glow. So I thought I’d show you the … More Glow Video Tutorial – Photomanipulation Walkthrough »

I’m sure everyone has that “oh sh**” moment once in a while, the one where you get home after a trip thinking you took … More Lightroom Basics – save your vacation pictures »

After the positive reactions to Portrait of a Girl, I wanted to share a trick I picked up while creating the image: how to … More Video Tutorial: Adding Make-Up in Photoshop »

In this video walkthrough, I want to show you some advanced lighting techniques The example I’m using is my artwork “Beneath the Tulips”, which … More Photoshop Techniques: Advanced Lighting »

In this video tutorial, I walk you through the creation of an Easter-themed manipulation. Along the way, I will show you a ton of … More Step by Step: Easter Composing »