After the positive reactions to Portrait of a Girl, I wanted to share a trick I picked up while creating the image: how to add make up and keep the shiny highlights intact.

Originally, I wanted to use the screen recording I did while creatng the image. But when I watched it I saw that I was fiddling endlessly – which I do a lot and actually enjoy (a kind of meditation for me), but I think it’s horrible to watch and I didn’t want to bore you to death 😀 Not super sure if that recording is now all thaaaat much better. I felt super rusty, not having done a video tut in I think 3 years (frell! 3 years already!). I guess I’ll improve with practice, though.

Is there anything you’d like to see me show you next?

I was thinking a bit more on Layer Masks, Smart Objects etc – basically expanding on the non-destructive editing article. But I’m always open to suggestions!

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