Spring 2020

I know… I can see it, too… the big, bright pink elephant in the room… the Sakura flowers that signal spring! All right, all right, that’s not the elephant we all know is rolling aound in those flowers… the elephant is going by the name of COVID-19. In Germany, we areon week 4 for the […]

Origins - Schwäbische Alb

Last weekend, I spent some time at my parents’ house and we were super lucky with the weather. More than 20 °C on the last weekend of October with a clear blue sky and the forest turning red… reminds me of how beautiful that part of the world is. And still I do also remember […]

What I do for a living

I consider myself very lucky to be able to say this: I am very happy with my chosen profession, I would not change it for anything. Not even for art 😉 So what do I do? I’m a process engineer. Which in itself will probably not tell you anything (hence this post ;)) so let […]

Sicily stole my heart

To say I can recommend Sicily might be the understatement of the year. I absolutely fell in love with the island and hope to return next year

Pizza for Breakfast
Yesterday, we made some pizza for dinner, but since I did not want to make my boyfriend wait around while I tested this or that angle, I was set on *not* taking pictures. Well, it didn't quite work out, you see ^^; The way we do pizza is small, individual ones, baked on a fire-stone [...]
So, a website, hmmm?

So, you’ve got two deviantart accounts, a facebook page, an instagram account, a sedcard (or two) on modelkartei and some other accounts all over the web that you don’t use anymore *cough*fotocommunity*cough* *cough*patreon*cough* and now you put a website online with a blog?! Seriously? Why? Well… for one, because I can and I like it […]