Yesterday, we made some pizza for dinner, but since I did not want to make my boyfriend wait around while I tested this or that angle, I was set on *not* taking pictures.

Well, it didn’t quite work out, you see ^^; The way we do pizza is small, individual ones, baked on a fire-stone (I so hope that is the right translation, it’s “Schamottstein” in German) in the oven at 300 °C. My boyfriend does the dough using Italian flour (tipo 00) which is a bit different from the German one and I cut up an assortment of stuff we might want on top.

And once I had mine on my plate, of course I thought they were waaaaay too pretty to actually not take a picture… But I also didn’t want to ruin the mood by getting all my gear and having to eat the pizza cold. So I took some with my phone using the light from the window (or what was left of it):

Pizza with onions, garlic, tomatoes, artichokes and mozarella
Pizza with salami, spring onions, onions, garlic, red bell pepper and gorgonzola


I loved these yesterday, even dragged them through Lightroom CC on my phone to correct stuff… but looking at them on the computer takes all the magic out of them. Thoroughly.

From the leftover dough plus leftover toppings and the remaining heat in the oven we made some pizza bread / focaccia for me to eat for breakfast (in May, we have loads and loads of bank holidays, and they often come with Fridays in between that are often taken off as “bridge days”). My boyfriend had to work today, so when I saw how the bread had come out (and on that gorgeously gritty fire stone no less), I knew it was time to play 😀

Which one do you like best?

I have been staring at these for too long to tell any more ^^ but also, I think because of their diffrent crops they work for different uses.

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