Tutorials, Walkthroughs & Guides

In this category, most blog posts deal with using Photoshop or doing photomanipulations, with a focus on my own written tutorials as well as my video walkthroughs. But you will also find some articles on other things I like to dabble with or collections of tutorials I found online.

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Stock & Resources

Stock & Resources articles are all articles showing Stock Images, Textures, Actions or Presets that you can download either directly or via my deviantart page — psst, Stock & Textures posts usually include special stock that is only available on my website and not on dA.

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Details & Behind the Scenes

You will find posts here that show you the stock used in photomanips as well as detail shots, before and after animations or anything else that goes on around the creation of my manips and photoshoots.

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Any blog entries that don’t fit elsewhere will be included here, for example personal blog posts, opinion pieces or holiday recaps (with pictures of course).

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