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my Art on deviantArt

I’ve been posting my art on deviantArt since 2004. The community there has helped me a lot – not just learning about photomanipulation & Photoshop, but also what it’s like to volunteer on a big site.

my Resources on deviantArt

I’ve been posting my Resources – tutorials, stock images, pre-cut stock, premade backgrounds, textures and Photoshop brushes – to this second dA account to avoid confusion with my art (i.e. stuff you’re allowed to use vs. stuff you are not allowed to use).

follow me on facebook

On facebook, I manage a page where I post mostly my manips and my photos, as well as featuring inspiring artists.

follow me on instagram

On instagram, I post whatever I feel like. Mostly pictures from my every day life taken with my phone (so you’re bound to see a lot of train stations, signs etc :D), but also new art or pictures of *ohmygod* my food (yes, I’m serious, sorry).

Watch me on YouTube

On YouTube, I post my video tutorials as well as time lapse videos of my manips. I post rarely, but when I do, I try to make it well worth the wait 😉