Photomanips for Beginners is a series of posts that aim to give you a starting point into the world of photomanipulations and Photoshop – or any graphics program of your choice.

Photomanips for Beginners pt1 - what is a photomanipulation?

There are many different names floating around the internet for what I could be called a photomanipulation. I’ve heard: composings, composites, blends, edits, manips, photomanips, matte landscape / painting, retouch and probably quite some other expressions I have forgotten again. Sometimes these terms can be used interchangeably, sometimes people will quite forcefully insist on what […]

Photomanips for Beginners pt2 - Photomanipulation Software

Now that we have established what a photomanipulation is (or can be at least), we are going to go into the details of how you can create your own manips. Basically, there are two things you will need: the right software and photos to play with. Today, let’s talk about software. Let’s first talk about […]

Photomanips for Beginners pt3 - Photography & Stock Images

Part 3 of the Photomanips for Beginners series deals with the other essential thing you will need besides software: images. If you don’t (want to) shoot (all of) them yourself, don’t fret, there are lots of stock photos available that you are allowed to use in your art.

Photomanips for Beginners pt4 - the daunting task of getting started

All beginnings are hard, make no mistake. I for example am currently trying to get a grip on Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects and sometimes it feels like I am getting exactly nowhere… kinda reminds me a bit of when I started with Photoshop over 15 years ago. The difference now is though that […]