Butterflies - Animated Photomanipulation

It has been super quiet around here, and I am very hyped to have finally created something new – and animated it! *woohoo* Click the play symbol to see the animation! It took me wayyyy too long to animate this bunch of butterflies 😀 But I learned a lot doing it and maybe next time […]

LOST - experimenting with 3D in Photoshop

For my latest image Lost, I used the 3D feature in Photoshop to create the text. Previously, I had opened the feature and quickly closed it again – this time I took my time to learn enough to bring my vision onto the canvas! I am currently in the process of staring at approx. 2 […]

Meditate - backstory + WIP animation

It has been a while since I found some inspiration to do a manip – and then I stumbled across the woman’s picture on unsplash… and here we are. Having stretches of weeks where I can’t find anything that seems good enough to finish is actually not uncommon for me. I have found out long […]

Details: Secrets in the Forest

For this photomanipulation, I saw the stock image of the girl and just knew she should be peeking behind a door… …and I do realize I have a thing for doors and portals, sue me ;P Some Details: Stock used: With the exception of three images (the girl is from Cathleen Tarawhiti, some mushrooms from […]

Details: Starlet
Inspiration I've been meaning to edit this pic ever since I shot it in March, but as these things go, it didn't work out quite as fast as I would have liked. First there was no time, then there was no inspiration or rather I guess no energy... I knew what I wanted to create, [...]
Details: Cosmic Gate
Inspiration This time, inspiration came in the form of new stock images shot in Sicily. I saw that big entrance with its intricate features and knew I wanted to make it the star of a manip. It was complete coincidence that the flowers were also shot in the same city, Trapani. But I think those [...]
Details: Portrait of a Girl
Inspiration I've been following Rebecca Saray's work on facebook for a while now and I am always super stunned by the way she deals with light and post-production. But she doesn't rely solely on Photoshop for her effects. One of the things that makes her work stand out, is that her models usually have some [...]