It has been a while since I found some inspiration to do a manip – and then I stumbled across the woman’s picture on unsplash… and here we are.

Having stretches of weeks where I can’t find anything that seems good enough to finish is actually not uncommon for me. I have found out long ago that in these situations, also they are incredibly frustrating at times, there is no use in trying to force anything. Mostly it is not the lack of energy to open Photoshop so much as it is me starting manips and shelving them before they can develop to even a semblance of being finished.

So while this is not my best work ever, it hopefully is the on that breaks my latest art block — hopefully. But in any case it is a nice little manip where I absolutely adore the colours, as well as the fact that she looks so at ease (and the sunflowers of course).

Work in Progress Animation of “Meditate”

Stock images from & my own stash 

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