No Commissions / Licensing / Prints

art is my hobby, not my income

I don’t accept commissions (or requests) because I have a full time job and do not have the time to do commissions on the side, nor do I need the money. This is my hobby and I want it to stay that way: something I do because I like it, not something I feel pressure to do.

Since I also feel a certain pressure from trying to make contracts for licensing my work (for book or cd covers etc), I choose not to do that either. On top of that, I think it is only fair to leave the actual money-making to those who make a living of their art.

I do offer prints of some of my manips and photos for those who would like to have them in their home via deviantArt, despite a little obnoxious incident with one of them the past year or so.

my Art cannot be used for free

I put a lot of time & effort in my art

Even though this is my hobby, I refuse to give away my art for free – I did spend a considerable amount of time and effort on it, so it is not something I want to give away as if it were nothing. Especially not to people I don’t really know and thus have no clue if it would even be appreciated. So I’m afraid, the answer to a request to use my art will be no, even if it’s not for profit / for charity / for your grandma’s 100th birthday.

Also, there are people out there who are trying to live off of their art – it would be super unfair of me to plop in with my free (or severly underpriced) designs and make prices go down (even more than what they are at already).

Depending on what you are looking for I may be able to point you in the direction of a few such artists, please drop me a n email via the contact form if you would like me to give you recommendations.