I’ve been following Rebecca Saray‘s work on facebook for a while now and I am always super stunned by the way she deals with light and post-production. But she doesn’t rely solely on Photoshop for her effects. One of the things that makes her work stand out, is that her models usually have some stunning make up on that makes them look out of this world beautiful.

Now, the photoshopper in me was wondering: how could I put extreme make-up on a model in post? If I can manage it, it would open some great possibilities! So I tried and this is the result. I think you can tell a bit that I never use make up on myself (and thus have little clue as to where to put it correctly), but I think the result is quite cool – especially since I discovered a little trick to get those glossy lip highlights back [that might just be the next quick tutorial, though before I can start recording video again, I need a new microfone – any suggestions?].

Before & After

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