Poison is an image that largely lives off of its mood and atmosphere, using colours and light to give it a painterly look. I recorded the last two hours of my process and condensed it into a 45 min video (by speeding up the footage) complete with voice over explanations and ramblings 😉

Learn how I create that painted look on my images: watch me blend in and light up the vial, change colours using different techniques (but not the Camera RAW filter like last time ;)), add hair, fix some flaws and adjust her eyes. And of course the finishing touches for that painted look.

This is a walkthrough for which I have recorded almost 2 hours of material while creating Poison – I am replaying it a bit faster so as not to bore you to death and narrating over it. Sorry if I am off on a tangent sometimes – it’s all part of the package though ;P

2 comments on “Poison – Video Tutorial – That Painted Look”

  1. David Reply

    Hi! I just discovered your tutorials today and I love them. I wish I had found them sooner. Thank you for sharing. Please stay motivated! ?

    • kuschelirmel Reply

      Hiya! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, made my day! <3 I am trying to figure out my next video, but to be honest I'm lacking a good idea at the moment. Feels like there's so much going on while the world grinds to a halt. Not sure if that makes sense, but it's the best I can explain it ^^; But I do not think I will ever stop doing tutorials 😉

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