Since I got a raise last year and Adobe was offering the full Creative Suit at a discount, I am now a proud user of Premiere Pro and After Effects. Or I will be once I get the hang of it 😉

So why this post? Well, easy, I was looking for tutorials to get me started and have watched a few now. The best / most helpful ones I would like to share. This way, I have a way to get back to them in the future without searching high and low and as a nice side effect, you can have access, too – just in case you want to learn along with me.

If you are interested in learning more about the stuff I use to record my tutorials (software & hardware), you can take a look at this blog entry. [coming soon]

Premiere Pro Videos

He is not kidding: the tutorial is very concise and clear and in just 20 minutes you can actually start experimenting in Premiere Pro!
This one shows you how to add a voice-over directly in Premiere – you may need to tell Windows that programs are not allowed to change or override microphone settings: this helped me fix the issue with too quiet audio files.

After Effects Videos & linking Premiere with After Effects

This video explains which of the two programs is used for what task and how to work dynamically between the two.
Terry White is THE Adobe tutorial guru. His Photoshop tutorials are legendary and he does not disappoint with the After Effects demonstration either.

To be added to as I find more videos.

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