This all started with the Westerosi saying “Dark Wings, Dark Words” and then kinda developed a “life” of it’s own – though I think the core still holds. For those who don’t know about Westeros: it’s a land from George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” books, these days also known as the HBO series “Game of Thrones”. His storytelling is so dense that a simple raven with a letter could never match it. I hope this image at least gives a hint about the layers and layers of this book – even though, as I said, other than taking the saying and turnig it into a visual, this has nothing to do with GoT.


Stock Credits:
background by xxMyNightmarexx, clouds by SalsolaStock, nebula by Moonchilde-Stock, metal bird by rifka1, bird’s head and feet by Camaryn-Wallpaper, skull by ChristasVengel-stock, script texture by mellowmint, frame by EveyD, ribbon by cylonka, key by Inadesign-Stock, bubbles by LuckyStock, keyholes by KornKidSamStock, smoke brushes by revn89, feather brushes and lense flares from my own stash.

Created in October 2013

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