We went to Paris!

Okay, that sounds so much more special than it might sound when I tell you this was our 3rd time there since, well, Paris is actually closer to us than Berlin… just 2 1/2 hours by train. And despite the city being overrun by tourists (they seem to multiply each time I visit, but maybe that’s just me getting old ^^;), we both feel like it is a great city to relax in. Just to watch passers-by from a café or sit in Jardin de Luxembourg with some picknick (works great if you’re on a budget or just in need of a break). I don’t really like cities all that much, but for Paris, I will always make an exception <3

‘Nough said, there will be a blog entry on this one, I’m sure 😀

Nikon D7200 + 10-24 mm lense + tripod –> long exposure (which was actually not all that long since there was still light out)

PS: The tripod I use costs 27 € on Amazon. Why don’t I spend the money on something more substantial (read: stable)? Easy, because when I’m on holiday, I have to carry the thing around with me. Personally (no, the Schatz is not going to help, it’s my hobby not his). Plus the camera and extra lenses – that stuff together is super heavy over time ^; And I want to still be able to ride the metro, go to eat something, etc. without looking like a camera-gear-laden mule. So I would raher stand next to the tripod with the camera strap still around my neck to make sure everything is stable than rely on the tripod (okay,  guess in places like this I would do this anyway, with all those other tourists trying to get a selfie / shot without caring who or what they run over to get it — super annoying, don’t be that asshole, pretty please!)

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